Paris 2024


The Paris 2024 Sailing Competition will be held in the city of Marseille on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The Roucas-Blanc Marina, to be known as the Marseille Marina for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, a point of departure for boats, has been adapted to stage a competition on the scale of the Olympic Games.

The site’s exceptional exposure to Marseille’s Plages du Prado will enable the thousands of spectators who make the trip in 2024 to follow the events from up close. The quality of the water conditions off the coast of Marseille, with relatively constant winds and a coastal configuration that is correctly oriented in relation to the dominant winds, without any currents or tides, will ensure ideal tactical and strategic conditions for the competitors.

The city of Marseille will also be hosting some of the Olympic football matches at the Stade Vélodrome.

Marseille Marina Capacity: 14,000 people, with seated and standing areas. Work is underway to validate the viability of a fan zone around the field of play that would allow thousands of spectators to watch the racing from the comfort of their own vessel.